Empowering Girls to Dream Big, Be Fearless and Most of all Love and Be Themselves

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A Little Girl With A Dream Will Become A Woman With A Vision.

Welcome to Shades of Me Doll Shop, where we offer 4 special dolls; Makayla, Journee, Alivia and Aubrey. 

Shades of Me is a line of unique handmade cloth dolls that are both sweet and empowering. It took 3 designs to get to the final SOM doll and we are confident that what we have to offer will be of great quality and enjoyment for your daughter, niece, granddaughter or special little loved one.

 With Shades of Me Dolls, our philosophy is to remind girls to: DREAM BIG, BE FEARLESS AND BE YOU. Our goal is to  offer a collection of multicultural dolls for girls, as there are still very few dolls to choose from when it comes to diversity on the shelves.

After introducing our dolls and our message to the world of little dreamers, our plan is to expand our brand into positive lifestyle components that will contribute to the lives of girls with dreams, inspiring them to ultimately become women with visions. 

XOXO, Journe & Laurie

Journe, Daughter and Founder is 8 years old and loves playing with dolls of all sizes. Aside from running Shades of Me with her mom, she enjoys coding, writing stories and playing dressup. Journe is just a little girl with a dream who wants to tell others her age, that they're never too small to make a big impact. 

Laurie Underwood, Mom and Founder is a Fashion Designer based in Chicago, Illinois. Owner of LauryElle Bridal, Laurie was apart of Lifetime's Emmy winning show, Project Runway Season 14. Laurie designs with style in mind and hopes to inspire others by showing what you can do with drive and passion.